It’s almost there

My editor for the Love’s Landscape event sent me the final revisions to my short story this weekend. The story should be posted soon. I realize I’m a bit nervous – what if everyone hates it? 

Then I think to myself, well I wrote it, I finished it, which is a huge deal to me, and it’s been fixed and prepped for publishing so all in all, even if no one likes it ever, it’s an accomplishment anyway. (My significant other loved it, but he loves me too so…)

I hope some people take the time to write reviews – even if they’re bad – so I can learn from the criticism and write better in the future. Big goal, huh? Like we don’t all want that. It sounds so corny to say it but I do, I really do. So far, the editor’s and the beta readers’ comments (I don’t even know who the beta readers are!!) haven’t demolished me, in fact they’ve been pretty helpful, so I don’t think I’ll cry. At least I hope not. Maybe the betas were just nice. Maybe it’s total crap and they’re shaking their heads, saying poor girl, good thing it’s a free read. 

For those of you who want free MM romance stories, go here. I’ve read a bunch of them so far and they’ve all been pretty great. 

‘Til next time.

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