nano logoI’m doing it. I’m insane, but I’m doing it.

It’ll be a whole new project, as recommended by the people at Nanowrimo. I’m sure some participants will work on ongoing projects, use Nano as motivation to finish something or just plain load their previous 50,000-word stories on there. I’ll do it as suggested: started a new project on my Scrivener, version Nanowrimo 2014, and outlined it a bit.

I’m gonna stay with what I’ve done so far: gay romance. I’ve got an idea, it’s a bit of a heart breaker, but I’ll try to do it justice.

My inspiration right now is Josh Lanyon. I’m naming a character after him. I love him sooooooooooo…. well his writing anyway (I’ve never personally met Mr. Lanyon and do not wish for this to be interpreted as web stalking or anything…).

And I have two buddies! You can invite other participants to become your buddy and they invited me back to be their buddy! We’ll support the shit out of each other.

Drawback: nothing is happening in Montreal – this chapter sucks (apparently we’re more than 3,000 Montrealers signed up!). No activities planned, no coffee house hosting a gathering, no friends… It’ll be lonely but what the hell. I’ve got my family behind me.

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