I’m overwhelmed…

Am I the only one who’s overwhelmed with Nanowrimo? I don’t know anyone in my home town doing it, I feel completely alone sitting in front of my computer doing this… and why!? Why should I put myself through this?

I suffer from anxiety. It’s a diagnosed thing, not just me saying stuff. Why I would do this is insane.

Anyway. I just added the Nanowrimo calendar to my Google calendar so I can watch with wide eyes what goes on in the fantasy world of Nanowrimo when you can double your word count (what the hell does that mean???!), or when you can listen to the founder give a speech on Youtube… or other weird activities that occur somewhere in the universe of which I feel no part of.

Okay. Enough with the panic attack.

Just found a calendar for Montreal with write-ins and stuff. Might go. Now I’m shy about meeting the people doing Nanowrimo. What the hell do I want???

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