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My characters are so loud they’re keeping me from sleeping

It’s agonizing. I dream of my story, it’s like a movie. I can see it (they’re pretty hot, too: Tom looks like an auburn John Schneider and Dylan is a mix between Joe Manganiello for the size, stature and hair with Channing Tatum’s eyes if they were amber, you know, piercing but warm when he laughs…) happening as it unfolds in my dreams.

I don’t know if it’s a normal writing process – I doubt it, I haven’t read of anyone experiencing this yet – but the dream becomes so vivid it ¬†wakes me up too early, stressing that I need to write it but once I’m up, I freeze and I put it off until later. Preferably another day.

I now dread going to sleep, knowing I’ll be tortured by my story tomorrow morning at some ungodly hour.