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Hidden Talents 8: Read the First Chapter

Here’s chapter 1 of the 8th Hidden Talents book, a series I’ve been following for a couple of years now. I wish I could write like Ms. Cray. Really.

Claire Cray


I always say I’m going to do this and then I never do. That changes this year! Here is the first chapter of Hidden Talents 8. I don’t really want to show you, particularly since it’s Jin & Ken right off the bat, but I’m going to be good and do it anyway. Though I will warn you I’ve been known to change/add first chapters at the very last minute (reason #2342358 I’m so slow to publish), so don’t be shocked if there are differences in the real release.

[If you haven’t read Hidden Talents and are into weird contemporary serials about angsty psychics who hate themselves and fuck each other lots, start with the first volume.]

Starts with a bang (HAHA! No, really, sex) so be warned. Under the cut you go!

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